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September 2016



MAN WITH A PLAN stars Golden Globe Award winner Matt LeBlanc in a comedy about a contractor who starts spending more time with his kids when his wife goes back to work and discovers the truth all parents eventually realize: Their little angels are maniacs. Adam feels fully equipped to take on more parenting responsibilities while his self-assured wife, Andi, returns to the workforce after being a stay-at-home mom for 13 years. However, Adam is blindsided by how tough it is to wrangle three messy kids who can’t live without Wi-Fi. Their preteen daughter, Kate, is a master manipulator and initially thrilled that “Daddy Fun Times” is taking over, middle child Teddy can’t seem to keep his hands out of his pants despite constant reminders, and their precious youngest, Emme, is nervous about starting kindergarten under the stern supervision of Mrs. Rodriguez. But with Andi’s encouragement and advice from a couple of equally stressed parents, Marie and Lowell, Adam takes charge of his brood, lays down the law and discovers he’s going to “nail” this job.


  Premieres Monday, Oct. 24 on the CBS Television Network

ON AIR:                                                Mondays (8:30-9:00 PM, ET/PT)

ORIGINATION:                                      Los Angeles

FORMAT:                                              Comedy (HD)


Matt LeBlanc

(Adam Burns)


Liza Snyder

(Andi Burns)


Kevin Nealon

(Don Burns)


Diana Maria Riva

(Mrs. Rodriguez)




Matt Cook



Grace Kaufman

(Kate Burns)


Matthew McCann

(Teddy Burns)


Hala Finley

(Emme Burns)

EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Jeff and Jackie Filgo, Matt LeBlanc, Michael Rotenberg and Troy Zien

PRODUCED BY: CBS Television Studios

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